Do you wonder what’s exactly happening in your restaurant?

“Is service up to the mark?”

“How well is each waiter performing?”

“How efficiently are we running the show today?”

“Are the diners happy with their experience at my restaurant?”

Woobly solves it all for you...

Introducing WaiterLITE

Connecting table to the internet

WaiterLITE is a smart IoT device that looks like a lamp and acts as a digital assistant for guests and waiters at the table.


Re-imagine the future of dining

Deliver hassle-free dining

Even the simplest things can make the diners break their moment. With WaiterLITE, you deliver an easier and faster dining experience.

Increase your service efficiency

Free up the waiters from unnecessary burdens to increases their productivity by 40%.

ActionCENTER Dashboard

Be great at service & customer experience

ActionCentre is the hub of all the dining data you need to provide your guests with a remarkable experience.

Being transparent & effective

Monitor service quality on each table

Intuitions are good but having data to back up those decisions is what makes a good business great.

Understand how each waiter is performing

ActionCENTRE will give you detailed waiter performance so that you know precisely how each waiter is performing.

Get 30x data and actionable intelligence in real-time

ActionCENTRE tells you exactly what needs attention and notifies managers with actionable tasks, all in realtime.

Retain upto 3x customers

ActionCENTRE identifies slips in real-time, providing a window of opportunity to rectify and win-back a lost customer.

Testi Tastymonials

Don't just take our word for it

See what the managers and restaurateurs have to say about woobly

"It is a good innovation and a great device that captures all the operational data and the world is moving to data."

F&B Manager

"The device makes it very easy for waiters and the guests, the table turn around time that the device captures is very essential to keep a track on the business"

Asst F&B Manager

"Tables lamps are the current trend and restaurants would love to place a smart lamp which solves the problem of service and menu."

F&B Manager


Transform your restaurant today



A fully integrated Real-Time Restaurant ActionCENTRE

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